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Al Haramain perfumes webshop

Al Haramain is a brand which sells Arabian perfumes. This brand is established in Dubai but is distributing all around the world. One of the biggest distributor is www.Al-Haramain-Perfumes.This distributor is based in the Netherlands and distributing in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom and even across the atlantic ocean in the United States. At the moment Al Haramain is most known in the United Kingdom.

There are a few different collections of Al Haramain.

  • Prestige Collection
  • Premium Collection
  • Special Editions
  • Elite

Al Haramain is a high-end perfume brand which means the prices are above the prices of average perfumes. The most popular product of Al Haramain is the Amazing Mukhallath. This can be bought for €195. As you can see this product is delivered in a high-end package. This makes the perfumes of Al Haramain even more exclusive.

Amazing Mukhallath Another famous perfume of Al Haramain is the Obsessive Oudh. This one looks like the Amazing Mukhallath but is even more classy. Everybody should be intimated by this perfume.

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